Build AI Apps in Hours, Not Months - Even if You Can't Code

You don't need to be a developer to build mind-blowing AI apps anymore. In this game-changing talk, Alex Walsh live-codes a personalized AI briefing tool complete with celebrity voices - in just 2 hours using only no-code tools:

  • connects the APIs
  • Google Sheets engineers the prompts
  • 11 Labs clones the voices

Walsh reveals how anyone can now leverage AI to quickly solve real problems:

  • Analyzing contracts
  • Generating reports
  • Automating busywork

Big Tech has kicked the door wide open. With a clever prompt and some virtual duct tape, you can build seriously powerful AI tools in a single afternoon. No CS degree required.

See how to unlock your own AI superpowers in this must-watch talk.

Building a Personalized Pep-Talk App with Low Code - Alex Walsh | Mindstone
IntroductionHi, guys. Hey, everybody. I’m Alex.Personal Background and Audience EngagementI thought the last presentation was really interesting because I’m a f

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