Navigating the AI Legal Labyrinth: Your Map to Managing Risk in the Age of Uncertainty

The AI gold rush is on - but beneath the glitter lies a labyrinth of legal tripwires. In this indispensable talk, tech law maestro Natasha Ahmed is your guide through the maze, shining a light on the hidden hazards threatening to ensnare the unprepared.

From the quagmire of IP rights in training data to the quicksand of AI output ownership, Natasha unearths the legal sinkholes that can swallow businesses whole. She exposes how casual AI use can quietly poison the wells of privacy, confidentiality, and security.

With lawmakers and regulators lost in the labyrinth themselves, businesses are left to navigate by dead reckoning. Can you trust vendor terms to be your compass, or are they leading you further astray? Is your team unwittingly leaving a trail of confidential crumbs for others to follow?

But Natasha isn't just the bearer of bad news - she's your cartographer for this treacherous new territory. She maps out the must-have provisions in vendor contracts, the internal policies that fortify your defenses, and the training that keeps your team on the right path.

Packed with cautionary tales and battle-tested strategies, this talk is both a dire warning and an empowering toolkit. Whether you're an AI trailblazer, a corporate leader, or just trying to chart a safe course in this brave new world, this unflinching look at AI's legal landscape is your essential guide. Watch now and ensure your business journey doesn't end in a legal dead end.

Managing AI: Legal Risks - Natasha Ahmed | Mindstone
IntroductionHi again, so I’m Natasha.I’m a partner at This Here Law Firm.I’m in the tech transaction team, which in English means I work on commercial contracts

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