4 Ethical Principles to Keep AI in Check: Practical Insights from the Tech Giants' Presidio Principles

From booking errors that strand passengers to "hiring" bots over humans, the real-world impact of AI is hitting faster than expected – and raising a minefield of ethical dilemmas.

But while laws and regulations lag behind, the tech giants at the cutting edge of AI aim to police themselves, with an insider framework called the Presidio Principles.

Cutting through the complexity, their guidelines boil down to four key points every organization using or building AI needs to get right:

  1. Making AI's purpose all about empowering humans, not replacing them
  2. Prioritizing transparency so we understand how AI makes decisions
  3. Establishing clear ownership of the data that fuels AI systems
  4. Always disclosing to users when they are interacting with non-human AI

Ethics advisor Guillermo Miranda, who has worked with the likes of IBM and Boeing, unpacks why each of these principles is critical to keeping AI ethical and beneficial as it grows increasingly advanced – and how to practically apply them in the real world.

For leaders, innovators, and anyone seeking to harness AI's potential without stepping on ethical landmines, Miranda's breakdown of the Presidio Principles isn't just fascinating – it's an essential roadmap for navigating one of the most important issues of our time.

Don't deploy AI without considering these vital guardrails. Check out the full talk now to put the Presidio Principles into practice.

The basics of Gen AI Ethics - Guillermo Miranda | Mindstone
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