The Future of Learning Is Here: How GPT Is Rewriting the Rules of Educational Experience Design

Imagine a world where captivating learning games on any subject materialize out of thin air, conjured by the power of AI. In this jaw-dropping live demo, GPT wizard Joshua Wöhle takes you on a journey to the frontier of educational experience design, where the only limit is your imagination.

Witness the astonishing alchemy of GPT as Joshua transforms a humdrum article into a multi-dimensional learning odyssey, complete with risk, reward, and real-time feedback. Marvel as complex game mechanics emerges from a few simple prompts, painting a vivid picture of AI's untapped potential.

But the real gold lies in the secrets Joshua unveils along the way. Gleaned from countless hours in the GPT trenches, his hard-won techniques for optimizing language model output will make you rethink everything you know about AI. From the arcane art of chain of thought reasoning to the surprising power of emotional cues, Joshua leaves no stone unturned in his quest to bend GPT to his will.

The magic reaches a crescendo when the audience steps into the circle, their ideas and inspirations fuel for GPT's relentless creativity engine. Behold the birth of a learning experience like no other, a living testament to the power of human-AI collaboration.

Whether you're a learning professional, a business leader, or simply someone who's hungry to glimpse the future, this talk is a clarion call. It's a invitation to reimagine what's possible when the ancient craft of teaching merges with the awesome might of artificial intelligence. Witness the revolution for yourself - watch the full demo now and be forever changed.

Everyday AI use cases across L&D - Joshua Wöhle | Mindstone
Introduction to Live DemonstrationsOK, we’re going to continue now.So I’m going to try a live demo, like Joe, although I’m doing it on OpenAI stuff, not on my o

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