The Future of Software Development: AI Agent Teams in Action

Imagine if developing a complete, fully-functional piece of software took minutes instead of months and required no coding skills. In this mind-expanding talk, Robert C. demonstrates how this is now possible through the power of collaborating AI agents.

Forget what you know about AI language models working in isolation. Robert explains how teams of specialized AI agents, when working in concert, can tackle complex software projects with unprecedented speed and quality. The latest research proves it: multi-agent systems consistently trounce solo agents.

But the real magic happens when Robert introduces Chatforce, a groundbreaking platform that lets anyone assemble and direct AI teams to build real software. In a live demo, Robert uses Chatforce to create a complete game in just 20 minutes, for a mere $2, all without writing a line of code himself.

Whether you're a software developer, business leader, or just curious about the future of AI, this talk is a must-see. Watch now to witness the staggering implications of accessible, multi-agent AI systems in action. The era of AI-accelerated software development is here - are you ready?

Talk is Cheap, But AI Agent Communication Pays Off - Robert C | Mindstone
IntroductionHi, my name is Robert, and I’m going to start off this presentation by asking you a question.Can anybody tell me the difference between an LLM and a

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