The Evolutionary Case for Why Humans Will Prevail Over AI

Worried superintelligent AI will outsmart and replace us? This data scientist argues evolution tells a different story.

In this talk, Akshaya Kadidal reveals how the cockroach has survived human extermination attempts for centuries despite our god-like intelligence. He shares the surprising fact that 99% of species went extinct before neurons even evolved.

Current AI may be smart, but Kadidal contends it lacks the resilience, curiosity and creativity forged by eons of evolutionary pressure that allowed the 1% to flourish.

But humanity's real superpower? Our unparalleled ability to cooperate flexibly at scale. This edge let us best the Neanderthals and achieve wonders like the pyramids.

Will we outsmart our AI creations or be outsmarted by them? See the evolutionary case for betting on Team Human in the full talk.

Reviewing Existential Risk from Superintelligent Machines through Evolutionary Example - Akshaya Kadidal | Mindstone
IntroductionI’ve been a data scientist from a time when we were called statisticians. Now we’ve picked up fancier names. Currently I’m working as a technology t

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