Run ChatGPT on Your Laptop with Zero Coding Skills

Imagine having the power of ChatGPT on your personal computer, usable anytime, anywhere, without your data ever hitting the cloud. In this game-changing talk, tech leader Joshua Wohle shows you how to get state-of-the-art AI running on your laptop in minutes, zero coding skills required.

Through a live demo, you'll see advanced language models executing locally on a basic MacBook Air - no developers, cloud servers, or fancy hardware needed. Wohle breaks down how this puts cutting-edge AI in the hands of everyone, with huge implications:

  • Total privacy: your data never leaves your machine
  • Offline access: get AI assistance with or without internet
  • Accessibility: AI superpowers are no longer limited to programmers

Whether you want to experience the magic of local AI yourself or explore the possibilities it unlocks, this talk is a must-see. Check out the complete session now to get started.

ChatGPT On Your Own Machine Without Code - Joshua Wohle | Mindstone
IntroductionSo I am going to try and show you how we can run some of these large language models on your own machines. And I’m doing that basically ripping off

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