We at Mindstone are incredibly thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with the Harvard Business Review, a revered media brand that provides compelling insights and innovative strategies for business leaders. This revolutionary partnership was announced today, marking a momentous step towards enhancing the impact of online reading and content engagement.

Our mission at Mindstone extends beyond providing access to knowledge; we are committed to ensuring that knowledge is absorbed and retained. Every moment spent reading, listening, or engaging with content is a potential learning opportunity. Harvard Business Review, much like Mindstone, shares this passion for continuous learning and personal growth. Their highly esteemed content perfectly aligns with our goal of turning everyday reading into meaningful learning experiences.

We are rolling out a series of annotation tools to HBR readers, which will empower them to highlight, comment, and take notes on the articles they read on HBR.org. These innovative tools are an extension of Mindstone's platform and serve to broaden the avenues through which both Mindstone and HBR subscribers can interact with online content.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Joshua Wöhle, has described this partnership aptly, "Ever come across an article full of gems you wish you could hold onto? Or tried to remember something you read about last week or listened to last month, but can't? You're not alone."

The volume of content that is created and published every day is staggering, with 4.4 million blog posts written, 720,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, and 5,519 podcast episodes published online, every single day. It is no wonder that many of us struggle to retain the valuable knowledge we encounter. But our partnership with HBR aims to revolutionise this situation.

Mindstone's advanced tools are designed to maximise retention by facilitating active engagement with content. The simple act of annotating can significantly improve a person's memory of the material. Coupled with the ability to search through these annotations, our platform transforms into an invaluable digital notebook for our users. Joshua describes it as "a digital notebook that keeps track of what you read online, as well as the sparks it created, easily searchable in one place."

At Mindstone, we are committed to addressing the challenges of learning in the digital age. Backed by Pearson, the world's leading education company, and Moonfire Ventures, a top UK-based early-stage investor, our approach is driven by innovation and dedication to lifelong learning. Guided by a CEO with a track record of successful ventures (part of the founding team that successfully sold SuperAwesome to Epic Games in 2020), Mindstone is well-positioned to reshape the landscape of online learning.

With the rollout of our annotation tools on HBR.org, Jim Bodor, Managing Director of Digital Product Strategy at HBR.org, shared his enthusiasm, stating, "We are excited to see how Mindstone's innovative tools help our subscribers retain what they’re learning on HBR.org."

Our partnership with Harvard Business Review is a milestone in our larger journey to eliminate barriers to online learning. Over the next few years, our focus will be on helping people manage information overload, extract maximum value from content through healthy information habits, and showcase their learning in a way that's recognized by employers. We envision a future where anyone can learn from the vast array of content they interact with daily, and where this learning can be quantified in a way that propels career advancement.

In combining HBR's quality content with Mindstone's learning technology, we're set to redefine how people interact with online material. We are incredibly excited about this journey and look forward to creating memorable learning experiences that inspire, empower, and enrich our users.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate this exciting path, and thank you to everyone who brought this to life, particularly our CTO, Florian who prefers to stay backstage, but we think he deserves some front stage credit for sure!