3 Must-Have Skills to Beat the Bots: Insights from a Tech Leader

Robots may be coming for our jobs, but there are skills they can't beat - yet. In this compelling talk, tech CEO Joshua Wöhle identifies the three abilities that will keep you employable in an AI age:

  1. Collaborating with others
  2. Continuously learning
  3. Owning and (creatively) solving

Wöhle reveals how the software engineering field, which has long built tools to automate itself, already prioritises these skills over raw coding talent and provides us with a window into the future of what might happen everywhere else.

The most surprising insight? AI can actually help us level up these key skills by gamifying our learning with instant feedback.

To future-proof your career and learn more about what we can predict from the engineering world, check out the full talk here Your job may depend on it.

The Future of Skills - Joshua Wöhle | Mindstone
IntroductionI wanted to talk a little bit about the future of skills. And I updated this presentation. This is a presentation I did about six months ago, seven

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